Getting Around The Local Area On Foot

Located on the outskirts of Wakefield, City Fields is well placed for those wishing to undertake a range of regular local trips on foot.

Facilities delivered as part of City Fields itself, including a new Starbucks, are located just a short walk from your new home, whilst a range of additional local shops and takeaways are found only slightly further away along Doncaster Road and Agbrigg Road, within a walking time of around 10 minutes. Those willing to walk a little further can access Wakefield city centre on foot in around 30 minutes, along Doncaster Road.

To help illustrate the location of a range of nearby destinations, including schools and healthcare services, we have pulled together this handy map. Take a look, and next time you are about to jump in the car, have a think about whether you could walk instead.

Planning a journey on foot

If you are unfamiliar with the local area and looking to plan a route on foot, an online route planner can be a really useful tool to use. You can enter your journey start point and end point and the website or app will display a number of route options on a handy map. Alongside easy to follow directions it will tell you how far the journey is, how long it will take, and even how hilly it is.

A good tool to use is Google Maps. Simply select the ‘directions’ option, enter your trip start and end point, then be sure to choose the walking icon from the travel options available.

Wakefield City Council also provide lots of information on local walking routes and even have some handy walking guides that you can download from their website. These can be great if you are looking to discover some nice leisure routes in the local area. Find out more here.

The Experience Wakefield website provides a number of guides including walking the Wakefield Way, 5 buggy walks in Wakefield and more.

Why walk?

It goes without saying that walking has always been a great way of getting around, but the benefits of doing so can often be overlooked. Walking offers many personal benefits, such as improved health and cost savings, but also offers significant benefit to the environment and local community, helping to take cars off the road, reducing pollution and reducing congestion. Have a read of our article on why walking or cycling can benefit more than your health.

For more information on walking routes, groups and resources check out our useful links and resources page.